How to Get Exceptional Things From Average Employees

How to Get Exceptional Things from Average Employees (via

Not every employee is a superstar, but everyone can provide exceptional performance. Five brilliant ways to get great things from even the most mediocre employee. Excellent employees are no guarantee a company will be great. Even with several star players, a sports team can still lose.Not everyone…

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Don’t Let Onboarding Sink New Hires

The new employee orientation process is commonly known as “onboarding.”

Your business should make every effort during onboarding to make new hires feel welcomed prepared for a productive future with the company.

OnboardingThere are four concepts to understand what makes onboarding a success—for both the new worker and the company:


First off, beginning the onboarding process should be to familiarize new hires with the corporate family. Getting to know the people in the office could help prevent embarrassing situations—such as the new employee who asks a stranger to help with the copier, only to discover later that the stranger was the CEO.

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Seducing Employees: How to Get Great Ideas from Everyone!

Employees have some of the greatest ideas, but the problem is getting them to give those ideas up!

At times, it seems you have to seduce the ideas from them, like pulling teeth!

Employees ThoughtYour employees can have the best ideas for helping your company grow. It’s only logical; employees deal with customer frustrations first hand. They have a front row seat for regularly occurring problems. They draw success from the jaws of failure. They know the client’s needs in detail, every day.

What your employees experience daily are the things that management has forgotten, or top brass may have never seen.

So why are the greatest ideas from employees failing to make it into practice? Perhaps they are gun shy!

For example, an incompetent manager shuts down an employee with a great idea. The manager might have forgotten the incident, but the employee never will.  You can guarantee that the employee will never recommend anything again.

Managers that are smart enough to recognize a brilliant proposal must make sure they encourage future ideas, even if they do not use every idea.

Why does an employee feel rejection?

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The Dollars and Sense of Employee Engagement [Infographic]

the-dollars-and-sense-of-employee-engagement_5029165934e0dAs a human resources professional, are there any differences between a happy employee and an engaged employee?

According to this infographic published by Halogen Software, the answer is YES!

Not only are the two vastly different, but each can have a different effect on your business. Attitude is fine, and gives a certain level of value to the organization.

However, engagement is the true driving force for productivity—with measurable, bottom line results.

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When human resources departments establish proactive strategies to promote engagement—as opposed to simply making employees happy—it can have a real impact on production (up to $3 million, as in in the example put forth in the infographic).

Ways to develop an engaged workforce include: genuine attention to employee needs, encouragement to provide constructive input and high personal standards.

Infographic after the jump…

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Be a Better Employee… INSTANTLY!

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We all want to improve—to be better parents, spouses or friends.

There has always been a deep-seated need to rise above our current life situation. This drive is something hard-wired in our DNA and (for the history of humanity) has fueled success in business, relationships and life.

Every employee—from the mail room to the boardroom—wants to better themselves, but are often held back from acting on this primal need.


One reason could be that improvement is thought to be hard work. Everyone wants to improve, but relatively few want to do the heavy lifting to actually make it happen.

For those afraid that self-improvement is too daunting a task, there is an answer!

Unlike weight loss and awesome six-pack abs, there is a way to become a better employee immediately.

From Dr. Dean Burke, ten ways to improve yourself at work—INSTANTLY!

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4 Ways to Improve Employee Relationships NOW!

An effective recruiting, hiring and on-boarding strategy is certainly valuable (and highly rewarding), but about when the new hire is on board?

The way an employee is treated sets the foundation for years of dedicated service. Are you, your organization and human resources people doing everything they can to make sure employees are devoted, dependable and (most of all) productive?

It isn’t difficult to create an atmosphere of workplace engagement. In fact, here are four things managers can learn RIGHT NOW to improve employee relationships:

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Referral Madness!

Learn how employee referral programs turn good employees into great recruiters and grow your bottom line!
Referral Madness FREE eBook!

Frequently, the best hires come from pre qualified candidates, and referrals have consistently been a primary source of high-quality potential employees.

How can business make the most of this winning recruitment strategy?

A recruitment system that includes an employee referral program!

Encouraging employees to source potential candidates for open positions from existing social platforms and professional networks will ensure a steady stream of referrals and hiring leads. The best programs provide employees an incentive – often a cash bonus or other reward – for suggesting candidates who turn into new hires.
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