Is HR Ready for Changes in 2013?

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Are you ready for the New Year? Don’t let you and your Human Resources people be caught unprepared!

With the start of a New Year, companies need to gear up for new tax laws and regulations. Don’t be fooled; changes in regulations are frustrating for every employee—especially those in HR.

In times of corporate change, HR pros are called on to serve many masters, from serving as agents of change in the culture, listening to and supporting the employees who get frustrated and stressed from new rules. Continue reading “Is HR Ready for Changes in 2013?”

Perception Gap: Between HR and Reality [Infographics]

Perception versus RealityHow do your HR personnel keep a pulse on the organization? Kenexa asked HR professionals and employees about attitudes and commitment.

Unfortunately, gaps still exist between employers and employees—in almost every area—from engagement to benefits administration.

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Good/Bad News: Hiring Up, Engagement Down

Nearly two-thirds of employers expect a rise in voluntary turnover as the economy improves and market demand increases for specialized skills.

Beyond Money: How to Win and Keep Top PerformersWith an improving economy, employers are increasingly concerned about employee retention. The threat of a mass talent migration of workers searching for better employment opportunities is forcing more companies to evaluate and improve employee retention programs.

According to Mercer’s Attraction and Retention Survey for 2012: Continue reading “Good/Bad News: Hiring Up, Engagement Down”