Self-Serve Kiosks: Hiring Made Easy

Hiring kiosks are most popular with retailers and fast food restaurants, but that is beginning to change.  Using self-service hiring and appointment-setting kiosks continues to grow. Banks have ATM’s; movie theaters and airlines have electronic ticket booths; more businesses are jumping on the self-service bandwagon. Employers are increasingly using self-service technology in hiring, as aContinue reading “Self-Serve Kiosks: Hiring Made Easy”

Good/Bad News: Hiring Up, Engagement Down

Nearly two-thirds of employers expect a rise in voluntary turnover as the economy improves and market demand increases for specialized skills. With an improving economy, employers are increasingly concerned about employee retention. The threat of a mass talent migration of workers searching for better employment opportunities is forcing more companies to evaluate and improve employeeContinue reading “Good/Bad News: Hiring Up, Engagement Down”

Networking Nuisance: Best Way to Avoid Being Annoying

From a post by J.T. O’DONNELL for I was speaking to a group of job seekers recently about the “new rules” of networking and the following question came up: I’ve connected with a lot of people and they’ve all been very helpful in giving me advice and answering my questions. Some even agreed to meet with me forContinue reading “Networking Nuisance: Best Way to Avoid Being Annoying”

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