Now You Can Stop Swimming In Resumes With Innovation In Hiring

Drowning in a flood of resumes? It might be time to rethink your hiring process! Innovation in hiring uses technology to provide resume relief! It was not that long ago when only large corporations had enough innovation in hiring  to manage a flood of applications and resumes for the choice job openings. Applicant tracking softwareContinue reading “Now You Can Stop Swimming In Resumes With Innovation In Hiring”

The Secret to Innovation? Three Simple Words!

Is there a secret to innovation? It may be found in three simple words: “How Might We…” Innovation and creative thinking writer Warren Berger analyzed this key phrase in a Harvard Business Review blog post.  He discussed the importance each word plays and its role in inspired problem-solving.

Involving HRM in Innovation

How can organizations add innovation to an already complex and demanding job such as  human resources? Not as a simple add-on, as business expert Paul Hobcraft writes on the blog Innovation Excellence. The “broad areas that HRM has to cover and master” leaves little room for simply tacking on innovation.

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