The Secret to Innovation? Three Simple Words!

Harvard Business Review
Harvard Business Review (Photo credit: FunnyBiz)

Is there a secret to innovation? It may be found in three simple words:

“How Might We…”

Innovation and creative thinking writer Warren Berger analyzed this key phrase in a Harvard Business Review blog post.  He discussed the importance each word plays and its role in inspired problem-solving.


There is a solution to the problem, which can be identified and met through creativity and ingenuity.


Whether an arrived-at solution actually solves the problem is uncertain, but—either way—the understanding of the situation will be deepened. This could open the door to even better innovations.


Creative solutions often come from collaboration.  Each member builds upon the other’s ideas.

Starting any search for a solution with “How might we…” can be an effective problem-solving tool, something which can be applied to almost any challenge requiring creativity and invention.

Read Berger’s full HBR post to read why most successful and influential companies ask “How might we… do this, or fix that.” Often the question changes old ways of looking at a problem, and leads to a cooperative solution arrived at by teamwork.

Read the post The Secret Phrase Top Innovators Use at the Harvard Business Review blog…

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