Now You Can Stop Swimming In Resumes With Innovation In Hiring

Drowning in a flood of resumes? It might be time to rethink your hiring process!

Innovation in hiring uses technology to provide resume relief!

Innovation in HiringIt was not that long ago when only large corporations had enough innovation in hiring  to manage a flood of applications and resumes for the choice job openings.

Applicant tracking software (ATS) made life easier for the big players by gathering candidates into a searchable database, allowing hiring managers to choose from the best.

Now, technology offers a wide range of affordable options for companies of any size. Innovation in hiring now lets them obtain, recruit and onboard exceptional talent.

The cloud makes innovation in hiring easy!

Cloud-based programs—from Taleo, Accolo, and Ovation Technologies, for example—can support innovation in hiring by accepting resumes online immediately. It is the best way to start automating the screening process.

Innovation in hiring/Ovation background checkMany of these services will then ask the candidate a series of customizable questions instantaneously upon their submitting a resume.

From the beginning, employers can qualify candidates through a list of relevant issues:

  • Level of education
  • Transportation availability
  • Years of experience
  • Certifications and accreditation

This innovation in hiring will recognize certain answers. Candidates that do not provide the preferred answer receive an automated e-mail that tells them essentially, “Thanks, but no thanks.”

In addition, some innovations (like Ovation) save employers from drowning in resumes by ranking candidates on customizable scales.

Test early for the best

Another innovation in hiring screens candidates by testing skills early in the process.  Online tests can assess skills in a number of categories, from typing speed to knowledge of accounting software.

Referrals have always been the preeminent method to find exceptional talent.

Instead of posting jobs on Craigslist, resulting in a wave of unqualified applications, many companies turn to one of the greatest innovations in hiring, social media platforms, such as LinkedIn.

Announcing new job openings on company pages and LinkedIn Groups can not only get responses, but also have contacts and connections vouch for a potential employee. This vote of confidence can narrow down the field to the “pick of the litter.”

Automated phone and video interviews

Another innovation in hiring is prerecorded audio and video interviews. Employers can screen candidates by allowing them to respond to taped questions.

In a phone screening, two to three minutes follow each question, giving the job seeker a chance to enter a response.  Hiring managers then examine the answers, make notes and call back the best candidates for a second interview.

The same is possible with video. A candidate will receive an emailed link with an invitation. After clicking on the link, the candidate views a video of an interviewer asking prerecorded questions. The candidate’s webcam records the answers.  Employers then can allow candidates to change or re-record answers within a certain amount of time.

Hiring managers then view the videos and choose the best candidates for face-to-face meetings.

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