Four Steps to Create Great Managers!

Are brilliant managers born, or are they made? With these four steps, your company can produce great managers!

Best Practices ManagersLike a good employee, highly effective managers can theoretically arise from anywhere, even from the most unlikely places. All they need is the spirit and enthusiasm to respond to the challenge.

Of course, a helping hand from the company would not hurt.

In most companies, new managers have to fend for themselves. Often, senior management wants immediate results and expects new managers to understand the nitty-gritty of the workplace on their own.  They hit the learning curve running, rarely given direction to be useful right off the bat.

Companies can certainly produce exceptional managers, simply by following these four steps: Continue reading “Four Steps to Create Great Managers!”

Top Ten: Management Expectations Of HR

Ten Things CEO’s Expect From Their HR Departments
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For the Human Resources professional, they always seem to be working two sides of the same coin.

On one hand, there is the idealistic nature of HR—an essential part of a corporate vision. They are the people who effectively recruit, hire and encourage talent to become valuable team members and elements of a positive, nurturing corporate culture.

However, more often than not, HR staff is pressured by management to be acting as the enforcement arm of the company. They are relegated to be the keepers of order in the workplace; often being the “bad guys” of the office — referees in personality clashes or “den mothers” to discipline employees.

HR departments always seem to be on the losing end of a conflict; bearers of bad news. They are the messengers workers would like to “shoot.” Continue reading “Top Ten: Management Expectations Of HR”