Are You Redundant? Human Resources Might Say YES!

If a job search wasn’t stressful enough, now you need to worry about human resources seeing your job as redundant in the next few years!

The time to prepare and develop your skills is NOW!

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In a survey by management consulting firm Zinnov, human resources professionals accept as much as one-quarter of their current talent will become redundant in 3-5 years.

On the other hand, specialized skill sets in creative occupations like User Experience and Mobility will see an increase in demand.

In the United States, hiring for innovation will be a primary concern for many organizations looking to expand. Companies in India and China should expect to see only marginal successes.

Human Resources: Free live ovation demoOrganizations in the Silicon Valley continue to be the place for innovation, with 80 percent of respondents indicating the hiring will grow most in this region.

In addition, 36 percent say their innovation would be driven in the Valley, as well as other U.S. cities such as Seattle, Maryland, Dallas and Boston. These cities will make up 18 percent of new hiring.

India ranked third as the area with the most innovation. Organizations revealed 15 percent of all innovation is expected out of India.

People working with Big Data and designers that specialize in user experience will be most in demand, followed by mobile application developers, cloud computing and Software-as-a-Service experts.

These are new skills, titles that were non-existent only a few years ago. Companies also need to develop soft skills across all levels and functions.

The Zinnov study found that organizations will continue to seek talent these areas of:

  • Engineering (50 percent of respondents say that it is among the best 3 skills)
  • Analytics skills (40 percent) in areas like Big Data, Predictive Modelling, HR Analytics
  • Mobility (32 percent)

This suggests a priority facing companies are niche hiring and skill set assessment. Half of all respondents suggest that these two should be areas for human resources in 2013.

Developing statistical teams within human resources departments can reduce challenges around skill set assessment, workforce planning  and Big Data analysis. Unfortunately, the majority of organizations do not have such resources, with only 20 percent will focus on it for 2013.

Key results of the Zinnov survey after the jump…

Talent Outlook 2013 – Key Findings Of Zinnov’s Survey from Zinnov


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