What Will It Take for Women to Get Ahead in Leadership?

What will it take?  What has to happen before women show up in more leadership roles in U.S. businesses? The numbers represent an extremely disturbing trend. Although women make up over half the U.S. population, in addition to being more than 49 percent of the labor force, they still inexplicably absent in leadership in both public andContinue reading “What Will It Take for Women to Get Ahead in Leadership?”

Human Resources Specialist: 100 Top Jobs in US for 2013

Human Resources Specialist Named One of U.S. News and World Report Top 100 U.S. Jobs for 2012. Like most things in the world, not all jobs are the same. Some jobs are clearly better than others. In a recent online post for U.S. News and World Report, they listed the 100 best jobs for 2013. Human resourcesContinue reading “Human Resources Specialist: 100 Top Jobs in US for 2013”

Company Holiday Party Survival Tips

The holiday season is here—now is the time to party! With the economy improving, more companies are planning to reward their employees with a holiday party. The company party can be an exciting opportunity to have fun outside the boundaries of the office, but it can also be a minefield of trouble—enough to even derail a career.Continue reading “Company Holiday Party Survival Tips”

The Value of Employee Referrals [Infographic]

After a lengthy job search, you may have learned the indispensable principle of hiring—it truly is who you know. Networking with professional contacts is essential for job seekers in any business. High unemployment has led to a business environment where a larger number of candidates are applying for every open position. With that in mind,Continue reading “The Value of Employee Referrals [Infographic]”

You Gotta Be Kidding! Crazy Excuses to Miss Work

Tempted to call in sick to work when you are actually not sick? You are certainly not alone. In the past year, 30 percent of workers called in sick when not genuinely ill, according to a survey by CareerBuilder  and Harris Interactive. That is the same level compared to the past few years. The careerContinue reading “You Gotta Be Kidding! Crazy Excuses to Miss Work”

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