Human Resources, Accountants: 4 Hot Jobs for 2013

From human resources to accountants, some rewarding careers are expected to increase in 2013.

Human Resources
Human Resources (Photo credit: zachstern)

With unemployment hovering around 7.8 percent, more individuals are thinking about making a career change. The best job search strategy is to acquire skills to match the careers most in-demand.

Although downsizing continues to threaten a large number of businesses, some industries are showing strong growth. For 2013, there are some careers to consider, especially if you need job security and a (somewhat) normal life.

Four careers to follow in 2013:

Computer Analyst

Even though it is still early in the year, one big buzzword has emerged—big data. With the prevalence of cloud-based computing and the subscription model for Software-as-a-Service, Big Data has created the need for people who can interpret the data. Computer analysts understand the massive amounts of data and put them in a palatable form for human resources departments and senior management. If looking for patterns in an abundance of information sounds good to you, 2013 will be the year to put that into action.

Human Resources: Free live ovation demoHuman Resources

Lower unemployment levels leads to two things: more people looking to change jobs (often because they lack the engagement in their current jobs) and a talent crisis, where qualified applicants are much harder to recruit. Both scenarios need skilled human resources professionals, and in 2013 this trend will become stronger, with 20 percent growth predicted for the next five years. Human resources are the foundation of a strong organization; as a result, many corporations are developing viable human resources departments.

Marketing and Research Specialist

Social media and other web-based marketing have become the “go to” places for businesses to recognize growth markets and get more sales. This increases the need for people who can perform the heart of effective marketing—research. This is why there has been a 10 percent increase in the market for marketing and research analysts in the last two years, and development by 41 percent by the end of the decade.


From entrepreneurs with a startup to leading corporations, everyone needs good money management.  To be a success, you need a professional accountant. In addition, there is a clear need for auditors to prepare financial statements. There has been a 3 percent increase in job openings for bookkeepers and accountants, with a 16 percent increase in accountant job positions by 2020, according to estimates by the State Departments of Labor.

In the past, engineers and doctors were hot careers. Today, professionals like accountants and human resources experts are in demand. These four positions are ideal for reaching long-term career goals. Consider them if you want a successful career for at least the next 5-10 years.

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