Seven Things Never to Say at Work: Communication Skills

Words matter! At work, the words you use are like your calling card; communication is as much a part of your reputation as is your performance.

Stay sharp with the seven things you should never say at work.

CommunicationWhat you say—and how you say it—matters in both your business and personal lives. No matter how “causal” your workplace might be, communication is how things get done.

Some phrases might be acceptable at home, but they could make you seem incompetent and unprofessional. They should be banned from the workplace.

Seven common phrases to remove from work conversations immediately (it wouldn’t be a terrible idea to drop them at home, too):

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Social Media Recruitment: Six Metrics Show NOW is the Time!

Six key metrics indicate social media recruitment is here to stay

Social Media RecruitmentThe wave of the future? Clearly it is social media recruitment!

As the economy improves, passive job-seekers start becoming active. Everyone will be searching for the next great opportunity. In the past, executives needed only a well-qualified recruiter as the best way to reach the next phase of their career.

What does this mean for those in the field—those hard working people responsible for recruitment and hiring?

Social media recruitment continues to grow as individual platforms put more effort into helping businesses eliminate candidates using false credentials and posting inappropriate content. This makes social media recruitment a particularly intriguing trend. Recruiters, hiring and human resources managers are turning to social media to the best talent.

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They’re Coming After You! Ways to Keep Your Job

The current economic climate has been volatile, and many workers have lost (or will lose) their jobs.

The problem is, you could be next!

Obviously, every job situation is different—an assortment of your industry, your organization, your performance and the circumstances of your job.However, in the right set of conditions, a layoff could be in the cards.

Instead of hoping potential threats to your job and career fade away, take action!

Ways to recognize the warning signs that your job may at risk:

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Two Hiring Secrets You Need to Know NOW!

It is no secret that everyone wants to be hiring the best talent and spend less time and money doing so.

Most companies will agree that their recruitment, hiring and onboarding processes are painful, falling far behind where they should be.

Hiring Secrets You Need to Know NowHas your organization made the decision for superior, smarter hiring in the coming months? Maybe it is time for a recruitment makeover!

First, cast a critical eye to the recruitment process; no holes barred! It just might be just the thing to start saving time and money.

In a world where innovation has made recruitment and hiring easy, many companies are unable (or unwilling) to take advantage of recent innovations in recruitment. A recent study by ACT Bridge found 56 percent of U.S. employers don’t even take enough time to assess their return on investment for locating and developing talent.

Could it be that they don’t care who they hire?

Crunching the numbers, you can quickly see that companies need a better way to cut costs associated with traditional hiring. Another survey, this time by the Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM), shows the cost-per-hire for mid-size companies (those with over 1,000 employees) is $4,285.

Human Resources: Free live ovation demoAn organization that size should expect to hire over 550 people every year. That is around $2.4 million annually on recruiting alone. There’s got to be a better way to find the best talent.

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Human Resources, Accountants: 4 Hot Jobs for 2013

From human resources to accountants, some rewarding careers are expected to increase in 2013.

Human Resources
Human Resources (Photo credit: zachstern)

With unemployment hovering around 7.8 percent, more individuals are thinking about making a career change. The best job search strategy is to acquire skills to match the careers most in-demand.

Although downsizing continues to threaten a large number of businesses, some industries are showing strong growth. For 2013, there are some careers to consider, especially if you need job security and a (somewhat) normal life.

Four careers to follow in 2013:

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The Evolution of the Recruitment Consultant [Infographic]

The Evolution of the Recruitment Consultant [Infographic]Searching for a new job—for the first time or a mid-career change—might leave you with your head spinning.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see how technology has changed the pace—and process—of business. No segment of the business world has remained unchanged; every job is touched—for better or worse—by a flood of new gadgets, software and processes.

Some jobs, however, are resistant to automation. Take recruiters, for example.

Like sales and customer service, the role of the recruiter is in developing connections—with contacts, candidates and client employers. Their job has always been to attract candidates, matching them to either temp or permanent positions.

They build relationships in order to gain a better understanding of their recruitment needs and requirements.

That is not to say that innovations have not affected the job of the recruiter. Wonderful technological advances have streamlined the field of recruiting and hiring. There are some excellent services to craft and submit advertising or job descriptions for use in a wide range of media; ways to quickly organize large amounts of data for networking, headhunting, and both contact and referral management.

There are software-as-a-service companies that can screen candidates, interview them, perform background checks and match them to their clients.

The recruiter of today is unrecognizable from even a few years ago. As technology changes every industry, recruiters for the most part have been impacted hard.

Recruiters have advanced with the times, but what about the future?

Infographic after the jump…


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Expect Failure: Only Then You Can Win!

Expect Failure: Only Then, You Can Win!After an extended search for new opportunities, there is one thing you can expect; something guaranteed to happen at one time or another.

You are going to FAIL!

Either an employer will not call back, or will call back to say the job went to someone “more experienced” or “having more skills” to do the job. For every “yes” a hiring manager tells a candidate, there are a hundred (or a thousand) “no’s.”

The principle is this: never start a new project—a job search, exercise program, business venture or anything—without expecting failure.

Yes, that’s right—to succeed, you MUST fail first.

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