Busted! Five Human Resources Myths

In a previous post, we discussed “dirty little secrets” that every Human Resources professional should make clear to each employee. Some felt it was a little harsh.

Human Resources
Human Resources (Photo credit: zachstern)

Yes, many human resources “secrets” should be obvious to a majority of workers, but unless employees aren’t told the truth (even obvious ones), how can you be sure they know the truth?

One of the biggest responsibilities of human resources is to prevent foreseeable problems in the workplace. To that end, every employee should know exactly what rights they have, and what the employer is obligated to do.

The list of myths, misunderstandings and “secrets” can certainly be long, but this information is important to everyone—management, employees and human resources.

Clearing up myths should be a top priority for human resources, so everyone knows where they stand.

Busting some of the biggest myths of the workplace:

Myth: The First Amendment protects freedom of speech at work.

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