Twitter the Place to Land New Jobs/USA TODAY

by Bruce Horovitz, USA TODAY

Updated: 02/17/2013 08:24am

Out: résumés. In: tweets.

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Several tech-forward marketing companies are going where few have gone before: they’re ditching the résumé and the conventional job interview process for tweets. A simple tweet or two — sometimes called Twitterviews — can lead to a job. In a nation where unemployment stands at 7.9%, how you tweet can now determine how employable you are.

“The paper résumé is dead,” says Vala Afshar, chief marketing officer at the tech firm Enterasys Networks that is in the process of hiring a six-figure, senior social media strategist based on tweets. Afshar refuses to even look at résumés. “The Web is your résumé. Social networks are your mass references.” Continue reading “Twitter the Place to Land New Jobs/USA TODAY”

4 Things Never to Discuss With Human Resources

Human resources—whether it is a single person or a department—all have the same duties and responsibilities.

Human resources protect the company against things like unsafe working conditions, turnover, lawsuits, employee morale, or paying employees too much.

human resources

As an employee of the company, if you have issues, objections or complaints, it is natural to want to bring it to the attention of Human Resources right away.

However, you  might want give it some thought first.

After careful consideration, and you still decide to bring the matter to your human resources person (or people), remember four things you should never share with HR:

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