Is Human Resources Ready for BYOD in the Workplace?

Is Your Human Resources Department Ready for BYOD?

Is Human Resources Ready for BYOD?BYOD is short for bring your own device, a technology trend human resources departments will have no choice, but to take notice!

BYOD refers to employees who use their own computing devices—things like smartphones, tablets and laptops for use at work, with connectivity on the shared corporate network.

Using personal electronic devices in the workplace is one thing that simply cannot be blocked. BYOD is a strong presence in the workplace, with about 60 percent of employees already using their own technology (at least in some capacity) at work.

Some experts claim that BYOD helps employees be more productive. Others feel BYOD increases employee morale and convenience, making the company look versatile and a more attractive employer.

Either way, human resources departments need to formalize detailed policies in regard to BYOD.

  • Will a BYOD policy include any (or all) devices currently available?
  • Will use of personal devices restricted to only specific hardware and software platforms?
  • What about future devices? Will the policy cover devices that have not yet reached consumer markets (but will a few years from now)?

The tablet and smartphone markets are evolving rapidly, with an increase of new devices, technologies and manufacturers. This evolution means any BYOD policy by human resources should be fully adaptable for the future. Create written policies based on what you see today and as well as what you reasonably believe might happen tomorrow. Technology must apply to written policies, supporting human resources departments, management, audits, control and (most importantly) security.

Human Resources: Free live ovation demoCreate a solution designed to ensure remotely managed devices are covered with security policies that are relevant and reliable. This is especially true for many industries with strict compliance and auditing criteria.

In addition, be aware of service plans you give employees, so they get the best services without increasing costs. Wi-Fi hotspots and tethered options can have an overall better experience for employees. Data-only plans for individual devices using Wi-Fi can be a better alternative to maintaining an office-based long distance or ISP service plans.

In the trend towards BYOD, the numbers bear this out. This infographic from and Intel, also notes that 74 percent of IT management believe that BYOD will make employees more productive.

Infographic after the jump…

Is Human Resources Ready for BYOD?


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