Is Human Resources Ready for BYOD in the Workplace?

Is Your Human Resources Department Ready for BYOD? BYOD is short for bring your own device, a technology trend human resources departments will have no choice, but to take notice! BYOD refers to employees who use their own computing devices—things like smartphones, tablets and laptops for use at work, with connectivity on the shared corporate network. Using personal electronic devices in the workplaceContinue reading “Is Human Resources Ready for BYOD in the Workplace?”

Fired Over Social Media: Will HR Do It? Can They?

Badmouthing your company on social media is both unethical and not a particularly smart thing to do. Should human resources fire an employee over it? Can they fire them? Terminations because of social media use have been one of the hot topics for human resources in the past few years. It is imperative that employersContinue reading “Fired Over Social Media: Will HR Do It? Can They?”

NLRB: Costco Social Media Policy Unlawful

Costco Wholesale’s policy on social media use by employees violates protected communications, according to a recent ruling by the National Labor Relations Board. On September 7, the NLRB issued a Decision and Order invalidating Costco Wholesale Corporation’s electronic posting rule; they also found unlawful portions of the employee handbook, which prohibited employees from making statementsContinue reading “NLRB: Costco Social Media Policy Unlawful”

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