Seven Qualities of Great Small Business Employees

What does it take to be a great small business employee? Seven qualities that will make next your next hire a superstar!

Small Business EmployeesIn a small business, it is rare to get a second chance to make a strong first impression. The same is true for hiring a small business employee. Hiring the wrong person is a waste of time and money—resources that always seem to be in short supply.

There are lists of attributes for a successful small business employee; good attitude usually ranks near the top. Anyone can learn skills, but mindset, initiative and independence are innate. They are often hard-wired attributes of all the best employees. Determining who has these qualities—and more importantly, who does not—is the way to ensure you have the right tools for success.

The greatest small business employees are…

  • Someone with lots of personality

Think about all the customers, suppliers and vendors you have ever worked with. Who were the most memorable, leaving you with the best experiences? Those are the people you would enjoy working for you.

  • A little quirky, irreverent and apart from the norm

People are what make a business exceptional, and remarkable small business employees can do just that. They are the ones who think out of the box, as well as the most likely to provide innovative solutions to problems. Their distinctiveness can be inspiring to others. Customers do business with people they like.

  • A bit unrefined

Human Resources: Free live ovation demoSince we want to do business with easy, personable individuals, in small businesses, the best employees are ones a little rough around the edges. Smooth and sleek personalities often work against them, especially for people in sales, customer service and other face-to-face positions.

  • Willing to help in any situation

Top employees think a little differently than average workers. They believe that the employer pays them for eight hours, and they are willing to get things done. Someone not willing to fit into a precise job description, especially when the situation calls for it.

  • Possessing one outstanding talent

In a small business, employees have to wear many hats. In today’s marketplace, small tasks can be outsourced. If someone on your staff has one outstanding talent, you should let them take ownership in the task.

  • Having the desire to learn and move up

Ambition is not a learned skill; it cannot be taught. They have to be willing to learn, and with an independent attitude. This is the small business employee you can trust to hold responsibility when things get a little too overwhelming.

  • Not concerned with a detailed job description

A small business does not the luxury of constantly hearing “it’s not my job.” There is a clear business purpose, and everyone must be prepared to pitch in to make it happen, regardless of what is on his or her business card. If job seekers are only worried about a detailed, nuts-and-bolts job description, it is likely they will not be your next superstar.

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