SMB Hiring: A Gameplan for Growth [Infographic]

Small Business GameplanFollowing the lead of Black Friday and Cyber Monday—two of the busiest shopping days of the holiday season—comes “Small Business Saturday.”

The day after Black Friday is now reserved for those who shun the big box retailers, preferring use local merchants to complete their Christmas lists. This new shopping milestone is designed to promote the range of smaller businesses, which tend to be forgotten during the post-Thanksgiving shopping rush.

In a survey by Paychex, a preponderance of small businesses expects either a stable or moderately increased hiring level for the end of 2012. Technology is also taking a larger role, where the trend is towards more SMBs adapting mobile and social media in the next year.

Coupled with the rise in talent management software—including cloud-based services geared towards the SMB market—the presentation of Small Business Saturday shows willingness for SMBs to embrace new strategies as a way to survive the competitive, tech-savvy retail environment.

This newly released infographic shows that as we approach 2013, smaller retailers are expected adopt these new tools at a higher rate—or at least remain constant.

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Herding Cats: Social Media and SMB [Infographic]

Social Media and SMBYou may not be supernatural, but some business trends can be seen without the help of a crystal ball.

For small to medium companies, the next big thing has always been hard to predict. Rarely is the way SMBs do business affected by one sweeping development.

There are many reasons to justify the vague SMB crystal ball. One is in the numbers—there are millions of startups and enterprises, with each one is a different approach to their particular field.

Saying for sure which way they go (as a group) would be like herding cats—next to impossible. SMBs are simply too unwieldy as an “industry sector.”

Another explanation is available resources. Unlike large corporations, SMBs often do not have the means, systems or support to do the things that could change their business the most.

There is one tool all SMBs can apply to level the playing field with larger competitors. That is social media.

From marketing and advertising to hiring and human resources, those SMBs that ‘get’ online social media make an excellent job of leveraging the platforms for business success.

Again, like with any “hot new trend” not all SMBs have jumped on the bandwagon.

One common theme is in the types of social media that SMBs are most comfortable with.

This infographic from VerticalResponse shows the types of social media where SMBs spend the most time. For now, Twitter and Facebook are the leaders; Google+ and LinkedIn are bringing up the rear.

One thing is clear—as a tool for SMBs, social media is here to stay!

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How Small Business Can Hire The Best Talent

How Small Business Can Hire The Best Talent

As the economy is beginning to show signs of a (slow) recovery, the focus is on the hiring patterns of small and medium-sized businesses (SMB).

SMBs are the leading indicators of business growth; their preference in hiring new employees will give everyone else hope for a brighter future.

College graduates are increasingly turning to SMBs for a foothold in the job market; small business is where many find their first jobs right out of school.

As a “canary in the coalmine” for the economic health of the country, small business is faced with the task of finding the best talent possible—and it IS a challenge.

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More Profits With Cloud Computing

Small Business Digest

Guest VoicesEnterprise cloud-based solutions are revolutionizing small business. From telecommunications to hiring, payroll and other human resources functions, web-based programs are changing the way SMBs are doing business.

There is now a regular flow of products offering solutions for small- to medium-sized businesses. The biggest challenges they face are in communications, and is the reason that Unified Communications (UC) are one of the fastest growing sectors.

UC is hot, and for excellent reasons.

When small companies are able to produce a consistent brand presence to potential employees, clients and customers, the chances for success in a competitive marketplace—as well as profits—will skyrocket.
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Small Buisness Digest: Buisness Voices Now Online!

Small Business Digest

Guest Voices

Business enterprise gets a new, informative voice with the launch of the online version of Small Business Digest.

For October 2012, Information Strategies Inc. introduces an electronic version of Small Business Digest, the print version being the place–for more than 10 years–leaders turned to get valuable insights on the business landscape.

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