SMB Hiring: A Gameplan for Growth [Infographic]

Following the lead of Black Friday and Cyber Monday—two of the busiest shopping days of the holiday season—comes “Small Business Saturday.” The day after Black Friday is now reserved for those who shun the big box retailers, preferring use local merchants to complete their Christmas lists. This new shopping milestone is designed to promote theContinue reading “SMB Hiring: A Gameplan for Growth [Infographic]”

Herding Cats: Social Media and SMB [Infographic]

You may not be supernatural, but some business trends can be seen without the help of a crystal ball. For small to medium companies, the next big thing has always been hard to predict. Rarely is the way SMBs do business affected by one sweeping development. There are many reasons to justify the vague SMBContinue reading “Herding Cats: Social Media and SMB [Infographic]”

How Small Business Can Hire The Best Talent

As the economy is beginning to show signs of a (slow) recovery, the focus is on the hiring patterns of small and medium-sized businesses (SMB). SMBs are the leading indicators of business growth; their preference in hiring new employees will give everyone else hope for a brighter future. College graduates are increasingly turning to SMBsContinue reading “How Small Business Can Hire The Best Talent”

More Profits With Cloud Computing

Enterprise cloud-based solutions are revolutionizing small business. From telecommunications to hiring, payroll and other human resources functions, web-based programs are changing the way SMBs are doing business. There is now a regular flow of products offering solutions for small- to medium-sized businesses. The biggest challenges they face are in communications, and is the reason thatContinue reading “More Profits With Cloud Computing”

Small Buisness Digest: Buisness Voices Now Online!

Business enterprise gets a new, informative voice with the launch of the online version of Small Business Digest. For October 2012, Information Strategies Inc. introduces an electronic version of Small Business Digest, the print version being the place–for more than 10 years–leaders turned to get valuable insights on the business landscape.

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