Hurricane Sandy: Are Your HR People Ready?

From: When Disaster Strikes: How HR Can Prepare Your Workforce for Crisis Hurricane Sandy is preparing to pound the East Coast of the United States; the storm is predicted to be one of the worst in years. Flooding, blowing winds, snow and ice make this particular event potentially devastating on businesses, workers and HR departments in the area. What compoundsContinue reading “Hurricane Sandy: Are Your HR People Ready?”

Can We Manage Integrity?

We can’t roll time backward. We have to build systems that make future breakdowns much less likely, writes columnist Jac Fitz-enz From Talent Management blog: No one likes bad news. The worse the news, the less we want to hear about it, especially when it deals with issues that make us sick to our stomach.Continue reading “Can We Manage Integrity?”

Fixing the Global Talent Crisis

With all the talk about improvement in the U.S. economy, it would seem to the casual observer that employers have their choice of the most qualified talent in the workforce. That may not be so. In a recent survey of international businesses, human resources agency ManpowerGroup discovered more than one-third of employers are finding itContinue reading “Fixing the Global Talent Crisis”

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