Can Talent Management Align With Business Objectives?

Firms Struggle to Align Talent Management Strategy with Business Objectives

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From Right Management:

Major organizations are increasingly seeking to align talent management strategy with business objectives, according to a survey of 537 U.S. companies by Right Management, the talent and career experts within ManpowerGroup.

Forty-six percent of the organizations represented in the survey struggle with such alignment, with as many as 18 percent reporting that there is no alignment with business objectives.

“Do you believe your organization’s talent management strategy is aligned with its business objectives?” Continue reading “Can Talent Management Align With Business Objectives?”

Can We Manage Integrity?

We can’t roll time backward. We have to build systems that make future breakdowns much less likely, writes columnist Jac Fitz-enz

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From Talent Management blog:

No one likes bad news. The worse the news, the less we want to hear about it, especially when it deals with issues that make us sick to our stomach.

Consider natural disasters such as the earthquake in Haiti or tsunami in Japan. Horrible death and destruction rained on thousands of people. There is little or nothing we can do about those calamities. Compare that to the Penn State Jerry Sandusky case. That is a failure of human proportions that we should do something about. Maybe that is why we want to put it behind us. It reminds us of our faults as human beings. Continue reading “Can We Manage Integrity?”

6 Steps To Calculate Talent Management ROI

Increasingly, organizations look to return on investment (ROI) of departments traditionally difficult to quantify, such as hiring and talent management. It may be tough, but it can be done!

English: Cost-Volume-Profit diagram, decomposi...

Investors, CEOs and executives are constantly examining administration costs, for accurate ways to calculate ROI.

In fact, no corporate sector is immune to ROI scrutiny. Research and Development, as well as training and other departments with “softer” (not easily quantified) costs, suffer under the same economic microscope, at least to a certain degree.

Now, HR departments have to justify their effects on the bottom line. Fortunately, technology comes to the rescue. Continue reading “6 Steps To Calculate Talent Management ROI”

HR Technology: Adapt or Perish?

Is HR becoming the IT of the 21st Century?

Online HR services, no stopping them?In business, change is unceasing. A sense of change is especially true in the field of modern human resources.

As the HR profession changes, becoming high-tech and advanced, professionals must keep up by becoming technologically savvy—perhaps even with a hint of IT expertise. Continue reading “HR Technology: Adapt or Perish?”