Going the Extra Mile to Succeed

To get noticed–in business, sales or the job market–sometimes you have to go the extra mile. In this humorous ad, Harvey the dog has a goal (to go to a nice home), and is inspired to go above and beyond to reach his objective.

How many of us can say we put in this amount of effort to get what we want?

Worldwide Hiring Woes: US Gives Hope

The international job market is still reeling from 2008’s worldwide economic downturn, but a little sunlight is breaking through the clouds.

Job Market Hopes Higher in US than Overseas
Image: Gainsville Gazette

When it comes to hiring patterns for the rest of 2012, employers in the United States are starting to show confidence.

However, uncertainty remains entrenched in the global marketplace—particularly in Europe, India, mainland China and Brazil—are contributing to a weak global hiring forecast. Overall, the hiring pace worldwide is expected to lose momentum in 2012, but hiring plans still remain positive in almost three-quarters of the countries and territories included in a survey by the human resources agency ManpowerGroup. Continue reading “Worldwide Hiring Woes: US Gives Hope”

Secrets of the Hiring Process

Labor Force Statistics

By Scott Kirsner for the Boston Globe:

In many ways, buyers of lottery tickets have more information about the game they’re playing than job candidates do. They know the odds, and how the numbers will be chosen, and when. That’s not always true when you fire off a resume, or even when you’re invited to interview.

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Best Hiring Practices for Small Business

Small Business HiringThere is little doubt that now is an exciting time to be a small business, especially when it comes to hiring. It is certainly a “buyers” market for qualified candidates. Every job opening could be flooded with applications.

With the right combination of strategy, technology and commitment, organizations can make the right hire—quickly and confidently.

Here are a few tips for best practices in small business hiring: Continue reading “Best Hiring Practices for Small Business”

Tips for Successful Hiring Managers

Many hiring managers are oblivious to the steps their competitors are taking to attract top talent. Krista White, co-founder Search Expedition Group, an experienced industry recruiter, reveals the success secrets of the most successful hiring managers.

(PRWEB) August 28, 2012

Recruiters evaluate success and failure all day long. But what many hiring managers fail to realize is that recruiters don’t just evaluate candidates, they are constantly evaluating other hiring managers as well. This is compounded when working on an executive level search where a recruiter may speak to over 30 hiring managers in one day alone, the subject of the conversation being what makes that executive good at what they do? Continue reading “Tips for Successful Hiring Managers”