The Cloud Helps Business Grow!

Maintaining a corporate network used to be reserved for only the big guys—organizations with resources for licensing expensive software. Small-to-medium businesses could simply not afford to participate.

With the cloud, those days are gone!

With the rise of cloud-based technology, utilizing off-site servers and the internet to handle much of the workload, network management can be customized to fit companies of any size. No local infrastructure is needed. Web-based interfaces are now within the reach of most promising entrepreneurs, offering essential services such as integrated asset tracking, antivirus and information technology management.

Hiring and onboarding employees are also ideally suited for handling through the cloud. Many of the recruitment tasks can be monitored and supervised with the use of Internet based services, leaving management free to develop business.

Internet based IT management companies, like GFI Cloud and Soluto, allow users to view the full status of all connected computers, making sure all security tools are running (firewalls, antivirus and spyware blockers).

The best thing about these services is the price—the cost for GFI Cloud is $12/year for a minimum of 10 computers, Soluto is available at no charge for up to five computers. These are affordable prices any business person can handle.

With accessible IT management through GFI Cloud services, as long as you have access to the Internet, your entire network is at your fingertips. Monitor and supervise everything from your web browser. Anytime, anywhere, check the status of your network, taking corrective actions whenever necessary.

Just connect and update your services and watch all of your office computers, without complicated licensing or procedures.

Ovation Technologies is another innovative cloud-based service, which allows employers to explore, evaluate, commission and onboard new employees exclusively through the Internet. From placing ads online, performing background checks and filling out tax forms and direct deposit, Ovation allows an organization to perform many Human Resources tasks easily, through only a few clicks of the mouse.

Cloud computing, from IT organization to human resources, hiring and onboarding, allowing the entrepreneur to focus on what they do best—make money!

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