IBM Enters HR Web Software with Kenexa Buy


IBM Corp is making a large splash in the human resources software market by announcing its $1.3 billion acquisition of Kenexa Corp.

This move by IBM follows computing giants Oracle Corp. and SAP AG, who recently bought their way into the fast-growing, cloud-based software market. In December 2011, SAP spent $3.4 billion for SuccessFactors; recently, Oracle acquired Taleo Corp. for $1.9 billion. Continue reading “IBM Enters HR Web Software with Kenexa Buy”

Recipe for Restaurant Success: Not The Food!

Tilman Fertitta is a leader, the person that becomes a savior to struggling companies. As the world’s richest restaurateur, he collects poorly-run eateries—usually at rock-bottom prices—fires executives, overhauls existing ones and hammers out a smoother-running operation. He pulls restaurant chains from the brink of collapse and turns them into winners.

In other words, Fertitta knows the answer to a thriving restaurant chain—and it is not the food. Continue reading “Recipe for Restaurant Success: Not The Food!”

Smoking Down, But Not Out

There has been a lot of talk about obesity rates in the United States; on the average, America has been gaining weight. It certainly is useful to limit nutritional intake, exercise and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

However, obesity is not the biggest killer in the U.S. That dubious honor goes to cigarettes. Continue reading “Smoking Down, But Not Out”