Ovation Makes Splash at @HRTechConf


Ovation Technologies, the cloud-based recruiting and employee on-boarding software, launched several key enhancements to its product today at the HR Technology Conference & Expo in Chicago.

In an effort to better serve its customer base, Ovation has enhanced its existing product to streamline recruiting workflow, increase product accessibility, simplify its pricing and has improved upon its already popular mobile platform.

Further details on Ovation’s new product features include: Continue reading “Ovation Makes Splash at @HRTechConf”

Background Check Prospective Employees: A Good Idea?

Are background checks of prospective employees a good idea?

Today’s HRNewsDaily Guest Voice is from Pete VanSon, CEO of Ovation Technologies.

Guest VoicesIn 1993, a Kirby vacuum salesman in Texas was charged with raping a customer. Although the salesman worked for an independent distributor, Kirby was taken to court, accused of putting the customer at risk.

If only the distributor hiring the salesman conducted a background check first; most likely they would have uncovered the prior conviction for a sexual offense.

The court awarded the victim $160,000.

In light of these events, it may be surprising that not all companies use background checks. A recent survey by SHRM found that only 69 percent of companies performed background checks on all candidates. Of the companies that do background checks, 62 percent do so after making an offer. Continue reading “Background Check Prospective Employees: A Good Idea?”

Five Tips for Using Social Networks to Post Jobs

Today’s HRNewsDaily Guest Voice is from Pete VanSon, CEO of Ovation Technologies 

In the pursuit of the best employees, companies are using innovative methods to find the right people. Social networks are an excellent venue to post job ads.

Nearly 60 percent of U.S. businesses claim they will utilize social media this year, either exclusively or in conjunction with other recruiting methods.

It makes perfect sense; to find the best talent, employers must go where the people are. Generation Y or Millennials—those born after the mid-1980s—are rejecting traditional job search methods, such as blindly sending out resumes, cold-calling employers or pounding the pavement. With online tools, job seekers can undertake a comprehensive job search without leaving home. Continue reading “Five Tips for Using Social Networks to Post Jobs”

HR Technology: Adapt or Perish?

Is HR becoming the IT of the 21st Century?

Online HR services, no stopping them?In business, change is unceasing. A sense of change is especially true in the field of modern human resources.

As the HR profession changes, becoming high-tech and advanced, professionals must keep up by becoming technologically savvy—perhaps even with a hint of IT expertise. Continue reading “HR Technology: Adapt or Perish?”

Small Business Trends: The Shift Online

90 Percent Networking Online, According to New Manta Survey

90 percent of SMBs are Networking OnlineSmall business is rapidly embracing an online presence as a vehicle for marketing and increasing their customer base. Web-based platforms have become an intricate part of all functions of small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs)—including acquiring and training employees, as well as interacting with existing and prospective clients.

According to a survey of business owners by Manta, a web-based community for small business, nearly half of businesses reported using online interactions to target potential customers. In addition, more than three-quarters—78 percent—reported gaining 25 percent of all new customers through social media and online networks. Continue reading “Small Business Trends: The Shift Online”