How To Make Sure Hardest-Won Hires Stick Around

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American workers stick around on the job an average of only four years. With a statistic like that, there is no wonder why companies are increasingly facing challenges in hiring and retaining the best and brightest recruits. Continue reading “How To Make Sure Hardest-Won Hires Stick Around”

The RNC: A Boost for Tampa Jobs?

TAMPA — Expectations run high as Tampa Bay prepares for the Republican National Convention (RNC) next week. An estimated 45,000 delegates, media and other visitors will converge on Tampa for the four-day political exhibition beginning August 27.

Wait a minute, only 45,000 people? That is less than a well-attended Tampa Bay Buccaneers football game. Why is that amount of visitors such a big deal? Continue reading “The RNC: A Boost for Tampa Jobs?”

China: Motorola Accused of Not Communicating

The Motorola building in Beijing.
Photo: Wang Jing/China Daily reports that Chinese employees of communications giant Motorola are accusing executives of failing to properly prepare for impending layoffs. They began protesting thecompany, calling for executives and HR personnel to be more open about handling cutbacks.

Motorola, facing a sluggish worldwide economy, recently announced firing about 4,000 jobs, one-third in the United States. The protestors’ claim 700 of the 1,600 Beijing Motorola employees will lose jobs, as well as closing the entire Nanjing operations, firing about 500 people.

Communication is an essential element for any human relations department. When companies are faced with massive layoffs, the need for assistance is even more important.

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