How Are Your Soft Skills?

As a Human Relations professional, how are your soft skills?

Fundamental HR skills include planning, multitasking and a strong business sense. Also, required is a firm grasp of the latest trends in employee relations and legal regulations.

However, that is simply not enough to succeed! Continue reading “How Are Your Soft Skills?”

Hiring Tips for Generation Y

Every generation of workers has traits which set them apart from the previous wave of employees. Members of Generation Y—those born between 1980 and the early 2000’s—are no different.

As more “Gen Y’ers” begin to enter the workforce, as interns and employees, it is wise for human resources experts to understand what makes them tick. To be successful in recruitment and hiring new talent, it is essential for management to know the motivations of this new class of people, and how to make it work to their advantage. Continue reading “Hiring Tips for Generation Y”