How Are Your Soft Skills?

As a Human Relations professional, how are your soft skills?

Fundamental HR skills include planning, multitasking and a strong business sense. Also, required is a firm grasp of the latest trends in employee relations and legal regulations.

However, that is simply not enough to succeed!

An effective HR authority must also understand personality traits, communication, language, personal habits, friendliness, and optimism—the things that characterize interactions with other people.

These are known as “soft skills.”

A soft skill can allow staff to have a significant contribution to the success of an organization, especially companies with many employees or those businesses dealing face-to-face with customers. The hiring process hinges on both employer and potential employee possessing personal habits or traits such as reliability, trustworthiness and conscientiousness. A new hire with excellent people skills can provide significant return on investment for any business.

For this reason, soft skills are increasingly required in enterprise, over and above standard qualifications.

Of course, this is not only true of the onboarding process; it also applies to the employer—from senior management to the storeroom, including the HR department. Possessing personal tools to handle a wide range of people—all with distinctive personalities—can be more valuable to an organization than professional skills. These are transferrable skills that can be used at every level of a career.

Tuniper is one of the primary cloud based organizations, which help HR consultants and trainers meet client objectives by offering solutions to your portfolio of services.

Using online training through animation, video and interactive games, these programs use methods proven to increase dramatically learning rates and retention. Both humor and real world experience help the learner; role play in authentic workplace situations gets the point across effectively.

Tuniper’s Learning Management System enables an affordable and painless start—it is intuitive, reliable and easy to use.

The role of soft skills training is to reduce barriers and engage employees in ways that foster identification and implementation of human relation issues. It can be customized to both individual businesses and geographic areas. There are compliance modules, available to any number of users and is both tracked and reported.

HR and Compliance issues are addressed in video clips between 5-10 minutes long, covering topics that impact all HR departments and staff. A company can tailor the topics to meet individual needs and specifications (territory rubrics, policies, guidelines) and branding.

There are two ways to earn people skills—on your own, through trial and error; or with an organized strategy of education, information and proactive effort. One is slow and painstaking, with many opportunities for failure; the other is quick and effective, leading to a bigger impact in dealing with employees.

Make the right choice, and become a real asset to the HR department!

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