Six Tips for Hiring Summer Help: Plan, Plan and Plan Some More!

With the warmer months approaching in the U.S., many businesses are starting to ramp up by hiring summer help.

Hiring Summer Help: Know the Minimum Wage

Even in the best circumstances, recruiting temporary help can be a challenge. The difficulties in locating the right short-term employees are why many business owners view temporary help as a waste of time.

Making hiring summer help more challenging is that during tough economic times, a single summer job opening can generate hundreds of applicants. For busy business owners trying to make it through the summer, sifting through mountains of resumes is simply not an option.

Finding the right people for the summer does not have to be difficult. With a well-coordinated recruitment strategy, your business will not miss a beat when hiring seasonal help.

Six tips for hiring summer help, to manage your processes and get the best employees quickly:

  • Three words: Plan, Plan and Plan. 

Why are you hiring summer help? You might need help, but if you don’t know for, no one will.  “What else do you need me to do,” is not what you want to hear every day. Hiring summer help can take a number of functions, such as stocking shelves or staffing a cash register. Define the job you need done, and make it an official position.

Hiring summer help without a plan will lead to wasted time and inactivity. Know exactly what you’re hiring for, and what you want them to do.

  • Have The Ability To Pay Extra Workers.

On the surface, hiring summer help can seem like just another expense. However, it is a little more complicated, both financially and procedural. Before you start hiring summer help, know if you have the capacity to afford summer help. There can be specific tax ramifications of hiring summer help.

There is also the learning curve to consider. It is not just money, but time. Make sure you have enough time to spend getting them up to speed, acquainted with customers, used to new systems and more.

  • Know the Minimum Wage in Your Region. 

Fair pay is not only just, but it keeps your business reputation in excellent standing. Minimum wages can differ by country, state, city or region. Sometimes, it is the type of job that sets the minimum wage (for example, tipped employees receive a minimum wage of $2.13 in the U.S.) The current Federal minimum wage is $ the U.S.  However, in Washington State, it’s $9.19.

  • Complete All Paperwork on Day One.

In some cases, hiring summer help can lead to headaches long after summer is over. When a summer temp employee goes back to school, you might find that by the end of the fiscal year, you need him or her to fill out additional tax forms. Now you have to track them down. It might be possible, but why go through the trouble? Fill out all paperwork on day one.

  • Define the Type Person You Are Hiring. 

Are you hiring summer help as part-time, full-time, interns or contract employees? Each type of hire has its own set of financial, tax and liability consequences. The same is true for paperwork implications.

  • Build in Responsibility.

Hiring summer help might be less formal than traditional hires, but that doesn’t indicate a lack of accountability.  Always have a system for temporary workers to track their time. Many web-based programs can help you (and your employees) keep track of work schedules and times worked.

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