Social Media Recruitment — 12 Reasons Why It Is Worth Your Time

Today, social media not only affects the majority of our personal lives, but also transforms ways to conduct business.

Now the age-old problem of finding new talent has changed. It is been brought into a new, exciting time through social media recruitment.

Social Media RecruitmentEvery business, no matter what size, can benefit from social media recruitment.

It is something no business should avoid, especially if they want to appear in touch with today’s changing workplace.

A 2010 study by Jobvite reports 14 percent of companies will not use social media recruitment.

The reason?

They are not aware of how to start with social media; do not think they have the necessary resources; can’t do it effectively or see it as not worth their time. It could be that they have not seen what social media recruitment can do for them.

Twelve significant benefits social media recruitment can provide your business immediately:

Brand awareness

With the potential to reach millions of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Pinterest users, social media increases the visibility of your company, as well as the jobs. This increased range will have jobs noticed by a huge number of qualified candidates.

In addition, it will show the online community that the company is keeping with current trends.


Compared to traditional job advertisements, social media recruitment is a low-cost alternative. Money previously set aside for traditional hiring can contribute towards social media recruitment, giving you more “bang for your buck.”

Better quality hires

Early adopters of social media are in demand in today’s job market, perceived as more technically savvy, knowledgeable and innovative.

Innovation in hiring/Ovation background check

Reach passive job seekers

Candidates not actively looking for a job (known as “passive candidates”) could consider changing jobs when web browsing; coming across an interesting online job post.

This is an untapped resource, talent certainly not found through traditional recruitment.

Improves referrals

If having and encouraging referrals works in business, why not also using it in the recruitment process? It is a highly effective method to use various social media sites to spread the word about current job opportunities.

It is quick

Today, information travels at lightning speeds. Social media recruitment can start with publishing job descriptions on a career page of the corporate website. Then employees can distribute the link. A strong job tip can “go viral” through various channels.

Job candidates, recruiters and hiring managers interact with each other in real-time—quick, easy and less formal. Fill job vacancies faster and lower time-to-hire considerably.

An employer has to be quick, though. As more companies adopt social media recruitment, qualified candidates get more options, so the best ones need to be acted upon immediately.

Human Resources: Free live ovation demo

Promotes a sense of ownership

Every staff member involved in social media recruitment (regardless of position or department) can spread the word wider and faster just by tapping into his or her own social networks. This fosters a sense of group ownership. Marry that to a referral system to reward employees who are able to locate the right candidate.

Good culture fit

The more connections a qualified candidate has with an organization and its employees, the better chances there will be a strong culture fit in the organization.

A competitive edge

Having a corporate social media presence gives you a competitive advantage over companies not there yet (there still are a few).

Improved candidate screening

As more companies use social media recruitment, they also access the web for background checks. According to a study by CareerBuilder, 45 percent of human resources departments and hiring managers did so. This allows you to narrow down candidates more efficiently.

Better productivity

Social media websites build closer links between employees, clients and potential candidates. A successful social media strategy enhances efficiency and innovation.

Effective brand messaging and higher response rates

Most connections by social media are by invitation.  Reached out to customers with personalized invitations, making an active social network something seen as credible and reliable compared to traditional approaches. Interaction between companies and their customers (as well as potential candidates) provide a sort of “personal feel” that promote an emotional link.

This emotional bond is the beginning of brand loyalty.

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