Self-Serve Kiosks: Hiring Made Easy

Hiring kiosks are most popular with retailers and fast food restaurants, but that is beginning to change.  Using self-service hiring and appointment-setting kiosks continues to grow.
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Kiosks such as this one are popular with businesses, they can also be a great hiring tool.

Banks have ATM’s; movie theaters and airlines have electronic ticket booths; more businesses are jumping on the self-service bandwagon.

Employers are increasingly using self-service technology in hiring, as a more efficient use of HR personnel. Both employers and applicants find kiosks extremely convenient and effective.

The biggest advantages of hiring kiosks:

  • Since all applicants will look the same, there is a consistency of presentation. This minimizes bias in the initial screening process.
  • A professional brand presence.
  • Automating the process of sorting and screening of a large number of applicants.
  • The ability to presort applicants through the use of customizable assessments.

Hiring kiosks are popular with retailers and fast food restaurants, but that is starting to change.  Other employers are using self-service hiring and appointment-setting kiosks to cast a larger net for new talent.

With rise in popularity of self-service hiring technology, there are two suggestions to ensure the time spent at a kiosk is not wasted:

  • Make sure candidates have enough time to complete an application in a single sitting. Often, the procedure can take 20 to 30 minutes, longer if the company requires an assessment.  This can hinder otherwise excellent candidates who quit the application in the middle, due to time constraints.
  • When applying at a kiosk, candidates should take a hard copy of their resume, or record of employment history plus references. This information will be helpful if the candidate are pre qualified enough to go quickly to the next step.

With computers or touch-screen machines, there are some basic skills required, so a candidate is not immediately rejected due to discomfort or lack of expertise. Become familiar with the system to offer assistance when needed.

Job kiosks save employers money.  The applicant can complete online applications on site instead of paper application while in a shop or office. This frees up staff, as well as processing larger numbers interested candidates efficiently.

Kiosks reduce costs associated with traditional hiring methods, including online or newspaper job posts. Additionally, kiosks can reduce the amount of time spent by hiring managers with prospective employees. Pre Qualified candidates are hired quicker when stages of the hiring process are automated.

Hiring kiosks are quick and easy, receiving larger numbers of submissions over manual application collection methods. This is especially true for hiring managers with limited availability or time. The kiosk can accommodate a qualified candidate immediately, instead waiting to speak with a hiring manager on a single day or time.

There is one possible drawback—no face-to-face contact with strong candidates. Some things just cannot be communicated on a piece of paper and can certainly be missed when using a hiring kiosk.

Using the kiosk gives the hiring manager rapid access to the information. Kiosks can also go beyond the hiring process—for benefits and other administrative tasks.

Many self-service job hiring tools are portable, installed anywhere there is power source and a Wi-Fi signal.  Kiosks can be moved from different locations, or taken to job fairs and hiring events. They can also be mounted at speaking events and seminars open to the public.

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