Turbo Charge Your Job Search!

Let’s face it—unemployment sucks! When searching for a job, every day can seem like an eternity. Fight a slow clock by keeping a positive attitude and staying proactive; an organized and structured strategy will help you obtain a job a lot faster. Five ways to turbo-charge your job search; use them to get back to workContinue reading “Turbo Charge Your Job Search!”

The New Job Hunt [Inforgraphic]

Candidates now treat the job search like any other major purchase, by learning about companies and comparing them online. Passive job seekers may be a thing of the past, with seven out of ten full-time workers searching for new opportunities. The ease of online access is making most employees open to changing jobs, with a slight advantage going toContinue reading “The New Job Hunt [Inforgraphic]”

You Gotta Be Kidding! Crazy Excuses to Miss Work

Tempted to call in sick to work when you are actually not sick? You are certainly not alone. In the past year, 30 percent of workers called in sick when not genuinely ill, according to a survey by CareerBuilder  and Harris Interactive. That is the same level compared to the past few years. The careerContinue reading “You Gotta Be Kidding! Crazy Excuses to Miss Work”

Top Ten: National Coffee Day Celebrates Daily Grind

On Saturday, September 29, people around the U.S. will celebrate their “Daily Grind” for National Coffee Day. A new poll shows the top ten industries that cannot function without a morning cup of Joe. Which industries have workers that depend  A new study by Dunkin’ Donuts and CareerBuilder.com found employees in the food and service industries need coffeeContinue reading “Top Ten: National Coffee Day Celebrates Daily Grind”

Workplace Bullying On the Rise!

Bullying is becoming a growing problem in schools and playgrounds. Bullying has also become a serious problem on the job, according to employees. A recent study by employment website CareerBuilder found that in 2012, more workers met workplace bullies.  One-third of workers—35 percent— said they have felt bullied at work; this number is up fromContinue reading “Workplace Bullying On the Rise!”

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