Fired Over Social Media: Will HR Do It? Can They?

Badmouthing your company on social media is both unethical and not a particularly smart thing to do.

Should human resources fire an employee over it? Can they fire them?

Social Media

Terminations because of social media use have been one of the hot topics for human resources in the past few years. It is imperative that employers know when they are able to fire a problematic employee. There are a few strategies for human resources to prevent an ethical controversy over social media use in the workplace.

Twitter and Facebook should be seen as distractions from work, not part of it.

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Complaint Investigations: Human Resources Best Practices

A human resources manager receives a complaint of discrimination from one employee against another.

What do they do next? How are complaints handled?

Interview (Photo credit: smiling_da_vinci)

The manner in which human resources handles complaints can have a massive impact on the organization; not only legally, but how employees act in the future. Deal with a problem haphazardly and employee relations have with management will suffer.

Your whole effort not only will be wasted, but it could be a real morale killer.

Human resources have the unenviable task of investigating complaints. They need to tread extremely carefully. Everyone involved must be honest, impartial and behave with confidentiality.

Tips for human resources on how to handle complaints:

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