Hire Better Quality Talent NOW With Proactive Recruitment

Nobody is successful by just sitting around; the same is true with recruitment. Proactive recruitment is the only way to go! To get the best talent, hiring managers, recruiters and human resources personnel need to stop last-minute hiring and start proactive recruitment! It is true that many hiring managers shudder when they hear the word “proactive.” TheyContinue reading “Hire Better Quality Talent NOW With Proactive Recruitment”

Better Recruitment Immediately in Four Steps!

At one time or another, many of us will need to recruit new employees. It is a part of doing business. Good recruitment strategies will unquestionably come in handy. Knowing the best practices of recruitment help employers as well as both new and existing employees. Effective recruitment is a win-win for everyone; new hires benefitContinue reading “Better Recruitment Immediately in Four Steps!”

The Evolution of the Recruitment Consultant [Infographic]

Searching for a new job—for the first time or a mid-career change—might leave you with your head spinning. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see how technology has changed the pace—and process—of business. No segment of the business world has remained unchanged; every job is touched—for better or worse—by a flood of new gadgets, software andContinue reading “The Evolution of the Recruitment Consultant [Infographic]”

Real Cost of Interviews in Recruiting [Infographic]

Cost of Interview in Recruiting Infographic from Sarah White: Sarah White partnered with Video Interviewing Provider Wowzer  and, surveyed recruiters, HR professionals, hiring managers and candidates, getting their thoughts on the interview process – the things that work, what doesn’t and what areas need to be addressed. The finding give a clear idea of the hiring process and why recruiters areContinue reading “Real Cost of Interviews in Recruiting [Infographic]”

How to Hire Efficiently and Stress-Free

The success of any organization rests with employees, but the process of acquiring the right talent can often be a frustrating, time-intensive task. However, companies do not have to struggle to recruit and hire the best people. There are several ways organizations can make the interviewing, recruiting and hiring process easier and more efficient:

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