Five Things Every Human Resources Leader Should Know

Increasing hiring costs, turnover rates and competition for top talent, are forcing human resources departments to become more rigorous in recruitment and hiring. They don’t have the luxury of hindsight. Examining the current labor-market figures, makes one thing clear: human resources will always be fighting for the best, high-quality, high-performing candidates. This leaves a number of unansweredContinue reading “Five Things Every Human Resources Leader Should Know”

Get Educated! Human Resources and the Learning Culture

How can human resources make a business competitive in the marketplace? Education! Three steps for human resources to develop a learning culture in the workplace. There may be several factors to a company’s success, but one of the biggest is when their workforce that can adapt and learn quickly. In business, change is a constant, and theContinue reading “Get Educated! Human Resources and the Learning Culture”

Is Human Resources Ready for BYOD in the Workplace?

Is Your Human Resources Department Ready for BYOD? BYOD is short for bring your own device, a technology trend human resources departments will have no choice, but to take notice! BYOD refers to employees who use their own computing devices—things like smartphones, tablets and laptops for use at work, with connectivity on the shared corporate network. Using personal electronic devices in the workplaceContinue reading “Is Human Resources Ready for BYOD in the Workplace?”

Avoid the Ten Dumb Mistakes Hiring Managers Make

Are your hiring managers making any of these 10 dumb mistakes? Human resources, hiring managers and recruiters are human. On occasion, they make mistakes. Nobody is perfect, right? The ten most common dumb screening mistakes made by recruiters and hiring managers, as reported in this infographic by Resoomay. Key Takeaways: Seventy-nine percent of businesses say theyContinue reading “Avoid the Ten Dumb Mistakes Hiring Managers Make”

HR Karma: The Do’s (and Don’ts) of Human Resources

Good human resources practices, like the workplace itself, are always changing. Human resources pros need to learn what they can do better to improve employees, the company and themselves. there is no doubt the rise in technological advances and increased access has provided more opportunity for interaction than ever before. That is why the time isContinue reading “HR Karma: The Do’s (and Don’ts) of Human Resources”

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