Hire Better Quality Talent NOW With Proactive Recruitment

Nobody is successful by just sitting around; the same is true with recruitment. Proactive recruitment is the only way to go!

Proactive Recruitment is the key to having the right candidates exactly when you need them.To get the best talent, hiring managers, recruiters and human resources personnel need to stop last-minute hiring and start proactive recruitment!

It is true that many hiring managers shudder when they hear the word “proactive.” They are all so busy, and “proactive” certainly sounds like a lot of work.

In reality, proactive recruitment is not that hard.  All it means is recruiters must work a little smarter than the competition.

Two ways proactive recruitment will improve your hiring strategy—timing and quality. Neither takes extra effort, hard work or long, sleepless nights.


Getting the timing right is the biggest challenge in proactive recruitment. Most companies only hire someone when there is a need, and not a moment sooner. This approach clearly hamstrings the hiring process.

Human Resources: Free live ovation demoAsk the typical hiring manager the chances of finding the right candidate, at exactly the moment the company needs them. It should be no surprise that the odds are close to zero!

Anything less than proactive recruitment results in a system that is bound to fail. Companies that use an A-B-C way to hiring—Always Be Closing, or at least always eyeing new prospects—will be the ones who have the qualified talent pool when necessary.


Locating a qualified candidate is more than finding people who can do a job. They have to be employees that will grow and thrive in the job. They are people who will succeed at their work.

For centuries, the resume has been the foundation of recruitment. However, many hiring managers agree that resumes alone are not the ideal method of determining a good fit for a company, or predicting how a candidate will actually act on the job.

Usually, companies advertise an opening, and the first thing is they get flooded with a deluge of resumes. Then, those resumes need sorting, to separate the good from the bad (often more bad than good!) Can you imagine how time-consuming it becomes?

How to Hire the Best Talent: Ovation TechnologiesMany companies see this as the ‘cost’ of recruitment, but it is both a waste of time and shows a failure to screen for excellence from the beginning. What makes the problem worse is the vast volume of resumes will almost guarantee you will miss some of your greatest finds.

Few, if any, have an applicant tracking system (ATS) that can rank candidates by qualifications.

An automated tracking system, with candidate ranking based on specific conditions, will not only extend the pool of qualified candidates but will increase their overall quality, as well.

Without an ATS as part of a proactive recruitment strategy, you have little chance of solving the problem of quality.

In addition to improving value, proactive recruitment will ensure your company has the enough potential talent available when the time arrives—solving the problem of timing.


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