Wired: Look Forward to a Post-Subscription Software Sales World

The cloud is everywhere, and it is poised to consume virtually every business. But will it be the same “cloud” we know today? The spread of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) is only just starting to transform the way we consider enterprise software. Cloud-computing and other subscription-based programs are being embraced by everyone from leading organizations (Salesforce, OracleContinue reading “Wired: Look Forward to a Post-Subscription Software Sales World”

SaaS: Enterprise Software Vendors Still Deny Reality

See on Scoop.it – Digital Human Resources News The Software-as-a-Service enterprise market is big — some estimates put it at $1 trillion — with small, start-ups playing a huge part in this new business model. Some companies are ditching old platforms for new cloud-computing providers, offering affordable (or even pay-as-you-go) systems that are implemented in days, notContinue reading “SaaS: Enterprise Software Vendors Still Deny Reality”

Social Capabilities Builds in Recruiting Software Builds

Over the past several months, software vendors across the industry have announced social-recruiting releases and acquisitions. By Sarah Fister Gale for Workforce.com: Recruiters aren’t the only ones who see the business benefit of social media. Human resources software vendors are rapidly building or buying social-recruiting tools to take advantage of this burgeoning talent trend. Over the past severalContinue reading “Social Capabilities Builds in Recruiting Software Builds”

Salesforce.com Kicks Off Dreamforce 2012: Business is Social

Salesforce.com announces new social and mobile cloudinnovations that connect companies with customers, partners, employees and products in entirely new ways Enterprise cloud computing leader salesforce.com demonstrates how companies can transform the way they sell, service, market, collaborate, work and innovate More than 90,000 registered attendees to experience the power of social at the 10th annualContinue reading “Salesforce.com Kicks Off Dreamforce 2012: Business is Social”

HRM Software: Catch The Wave!

Enterprise software may be flying under the radar of most investors, but that appears to be changing—and changing very soon. Facebook’s initial offering stumble earlier this year may be the reason investors are keeping mum about “cloud-based” service companies. It is also why a small company called Workday filed for an IPO this week withContinue reading “HRM Software: Catch The Wave!”

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