Why HR Is Best In the Cloud

Why Human Resources is Probably Your Best Bet in The Clouds

By Subhadeep Ghose for The Motley Fool Network:

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Cloud-based human resources software maker Workday (NYSE: WDAY) has probably never had it so good. Intelligent share pricing, smart marketing strategies, and steady growth potential have prompted the market to catapult the company’s stock price.

And now that the initial euphoria has probably settled down a bit, lets delve into the real reasons as to why people are so gung-ho about a company that has posted net losses consistently and also warned of further losses in the near future.

Well, for a start, let’s find out what makes Workday truly stand out from other cloud-based enterprise software providers, and why it’s turning out to be a potential big-time threat to larger companies such as Oracle (NASDAQ: ORCL) and SAP (NYSE: SAP), as it grabs key customers such as Lenovo, Kimberley-Clark, and Flextronics from the big two. Workday basically develops online software that takes care of functions related to human resources, including payroll, finance, and time management.

But at the same time, it is fast expanding its suite of services, in its efforts to cater to a wider range of customers, even as its software becomes widely accessible from multiple devices including laptops, tablets, and smartphones. These customers are from industries as diverse as health care, technology, retail and financial services, and more importantly, they are a mix of small, medium, and big companies.

That’s eliminating too much dependence on a few customers, which is always a good sign for any company. That’s point number one….

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Lawsuit Questions “Essential Functions” of Job

Discrimination Lawsuit Against Alliant Energy Questions “Essential Functions” of Job

Human Resources Journal

From the HumanResourcesJournal:

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To prove that an employee has been discriminated based on a disability, a person must show a failure for providing reasonable accommodation. But that person must also show that he/she can perform essential functions of a job if reasonably accommodated.

These essential functions were the crux of a recent lawsuit from a woman who alleged that Alliant Energy Corporate Services violated the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act). Continue reading “Lawsuit Questions “Essential Functions” of Job”

Two Cases Show Critical Need for HR Involvement

A great post by Julie Tappero for Kitsap Peninsula Business Journal:

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In Cedar Falls, Iowa, the heartland of America, the CEO of a successful brokerage firm, Peregrine Financial Group, has been charged with 31 counts of fraud. Russell Wasendorf Sr. allegedly stole over $200 million from his customers over a 20-year period.

In the hallowed halls of Penn State University, football coach Gerry Sandusky abused young men over the course of many years. His conviction on 45 counts has forever impacted his employer’s reputation and their bottom line. Continue reading “Two Cases Show Critical Need for HR Involvement”

Ovation Tech Announces Key Updates

Ovation Technologies Introduces Key Product Updates at HR Technology Conference & Expo In Chicago

Chicago, Ill. – October 2, 2012–Ovation Technologies, the cloud-based recruiting and employee on-boarding software, launched several key updates to its product today at the HR Technology Conference & Expo in Chicago, Illinois. In an effort to better serve its customer base of small and medium-sized businesses; Ovation has enhanced its existing product to streamline recruiting workflow, increased product accessibility, simplified its pricing and improved upon its already popular mobile platform. Continue reading “Ovation Tech Announces Key Updates”

NLRB: Costco Social Media Policy Unlawful

Costco Wholesale’s policy on social media use by employees violates protected communications, according to a recent ruling by the National Labor Relations Board.

Costco Social Media Policy Found UnlawfulOn September 7, the NLRB issued a Decision and Order invalidating Costco Wholesale Corporation’s electronic posting rule; they also found unlawful portions of the employee handbook, which prohibited employees from making statements which “damage the Company, defame any individual or damage any person’s reputation.” Continue reading “NLRB: Costco Social Media Policy Unlawful”