Human Resources Specialist: 100 Top Jobs in US for 2013

Human Resources Specialist Named One of U.S. News and World Report Top 100 U.S. Jobs for 2012.

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Like most things in the world, not all jobs are the same. Some jobs are clearly better than others. In a recent online post for U.S. News and World Report, they listed the 100 best jobs for 2013.

Human resources (HR) specialists made the list at #72, with an overall score of 5.7 and a median income of $54,310. The jobs were scored by the following components: Continue reading “Human Resources Specialist: 100 Top Jobs in US for 2013”

Crystal Ball Time! Top HR Trends for 2013

Big Data
Big Data (Photo credit: Kevin Krejci)

With the rise of cloud-computing, social media, Big Data and mobile, few corporate departments will start the New Year unchanged.

The biggest trends in Human Resources software over the past year will continue to have an impact throughout 2013.

When you consider that the 2012 HR Technology Conference had the highest attendance in the 15-year history of the event, it is more than obvious that HR departments will be become prominent in shaping business strategy, using innovation and technology on the way.

With the focus on technology, here are the top five HR trends to expect for the coming year:

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Wired: Look Forward to a Post-Subscription Software Sales World

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The cloud is everywhere, and it is poised to consume virtually every business. But will it be the same “cloud” we know today?

The spread of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) is only just starting to transform the way we consider enterprise software. Cloud-computing and other subscription-based programs are being embraced by everyone from leading organizations (Salesforce, Oracle and IBM) to human resources departments (Taleo, Kenexa and Ovation Technologies), small business and the average consumer (Adobe Creative Cloud for individual subscriptions of their popular Creative Suite).

As of now, the most common form of SaaS is based almost exclusively on subscriptions, with regularly occurring expenses that can be monitored and budgeted.

According to Michael Ni, CMO/SVP of Marketing and Products at Avangate, that may be changing. In a blog post in Wired magazine online, Ni writes:

Subscriptions as we know them today in technology are a small piece of what the software market will look like in the future, much like CD-ROMS became just one small aspect of the overall software market made up of CD/box delivery, downloads, and SaaS.

Ni recommends that, for the future of business, there are four ways for a company to “go beyond just integrating a billing and subscription engine” to making SaaS an integral part of the business model.

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2012: The Year of HR Software

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If one thing can be said about 2012, it is that it was an exciting time to be working in the cloud, especially for human resources professionals.

2012 brought several innovations—from advances in Recruitment and Hiring to onboarding, HRMS and payroll—with cloud-based software revolutionizing the way HR works.

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4 Biggest Mistakes: Crafting Great Job Descriptions

In the steps leading to recruiting, hiring and training your next top employee—the most valuable stage is crafting the job description. So why are there so many mistakes?

Why is it that so many companies make mistakes with their job descriptions? A complete job description is like any other piece of great sales copy—it engages, informs and creates a strong call-to-action.

Why is it that so many human resources departments make mistakes with their job descriptions?

It could be that many simply do not spend enough time; fantastic job descriptions—as with other notable content—often take several hours to produce.

The four biggest mistakes you are making in your job descriptions; avoid them and your organization will start to see better results, with more great hires: Continue reading “4 Biggest Mistakes: Crafting Great Job Descriptions”