SHRM Report: Use of Background Checks in Hiring

SHRM Survey Findings: BackgroundChecking—The Use of Criminal BackgroundChecks in Hiring Decisions

Do organizations conduct criminal background checks on job candidates? If they do, how often and under what circumstances?

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This study by the Society For Human Resource Management (SHRM) found that 69 percent of companies claim to conduct criminal background checks on all of their job candidates.

  • Some key highlights:

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Building a Safer, Dependable Workforce Using Background Checks [Infographic]

How to Build a Dependable Workforce Using Background ChecksAnyone who works in a company with a Human Resources person or department knows, HR covers a lot of ground.

Most HR personnel are tasked with a wide range of responsibilities–recruitment and hiring;  compliance and benefits administration; conflict resolution, training and asset protection.

One essential job of HR is safety; making sure that employees are safe and companies free from legal liability arising from workplace incidents. Although everyone has a stake in a safe workplace, HR as a special role to play–starting with verifying prospective employees through background checks.

It take no big stretch of the imagination to realize that hiring the wrong person, someone perhaps with a violent criminal record, could lead to trouble if that person causes trouble.

Of course, a criminal record alone should not automatically disqualify an otherwise capable candidate. Any hiring decision should take in account the nature of the crime and the time passed since conviction.

For small companies without a dedicated HR person, there are several affordable options to perform background checks. In fact, there are many companies that can provide the service on a ‘pay only what you use‘ basis, keeping hiring costs down. Some–like PeopleMatter and Ovation–offer turnkey online hiring services, with background checks, hiring, verification and new-hire paperwork delivery.

With the cloud-based computing brings cost to a rock-bottom levels, it is certainly prudent for an employer to check the background of every candidate. This infographic from lays out the importance of background checks.

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