Building a Safer, Dependable Workforce Using Background Checks [Infographic]

Anyone who works in a company with a Human Resources person or department knows, HR covers a lot of ground. Most HR personnel are tasked with a wide range of responsibilities–recruitment and hiring;  compliance and benefits administration; conflict resolution, training and asset protection. One essential job of HR is safety; making sure that employees are safe and companies free from legalContinue reading “Building a Safer, Dependable Workforce Using Background Checks [Infographic]”

Ten IT Concerns: Security, Stability Top List

For today’s business outlook, innovation equals freedom—the freedom to do business from everywhere. The phenomenal growth in mobile technology allows business owners the ability to gather critical information anywhere, anytime they want. Portability has become the heart of this new information revolution, with cloud-based services at the forefront.

A Book and Its Cover: Good Background Checks

You can’t judge a book by its cover; and you can’t judge a candidate by the resume. On paper, an applicant can look like your next superstar.  In reality, there is the chance they could be the beginning of a major headache. Writing for Inc. Magazine, Laura Smoliar discusses the importance of a thorough referenceContinue reading “A Book and Its Cover: Good Background Checks”

Social Media Compliance: Tough But Necessary

Is social media in the workplace a good idea? Can it even be controlled? Social media—like Facebook and Twitter—is perfect for keeping in touch with old friends and sharing details of daily life. It certainly helps people stay connected with friends, relatives and customers. However, expressing personal opinions online may become an example of TMI—tooContinue reading “Social Media Compliance: Tough But Necessary”

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