Background Checks, LIARs and Guns on the Job

As the debate over gun control rages, some observers believe letting employees carry guns to work is the answer. Any employer considering guns at work should have a good background check policy in place first. In the aftermath of several high-profile workplace shootings, some observers think the answer is arming employees, or allowing workers to bringContinue reading “Background Checks, LIARs and Guns on the Job”

Background Checks: Do Them Right!

Background checks are a valuable hiring tool; part of a proactive strategy to build the best, safest workforce. However, like any other tool, there are times when background checks are not perfect—especially when they are used improperly.

SHRM Report: Use of Background Checks in Hiring

SHRM Survey Findings: BackgroundChecking—The Use of Criminal BackgroundChecks in Hiring Decisions Do organizations conduct criminal background checks on job candidates? If they do, how often and under what circumstances? Courtesy: 2012 backgroundcheck criminal_final from shrm This study by the Society For Human Resource Management (SHRM) found that 69 percent of companies claim to conduct criminal background checks onContinue reading “SHRM Report: Use of Background Checks in Hiring”

Building a Safer, Dependable Workforce Using Background Checks [Infographic]

Anyone who works in a company with a Human Resources person or department knows, HR covers a lot of ground. Most HR personnel are tasked with a wide range of responsibilities–recruitment and hiring;  compliance and benefits administration; conflict resolution, training and asset protection. One essential job of HR is safety; making sure that employees are safe and companies free from legalContinue reading “Building a Safer, Dependable Workforce Using Background Checks [Infographic]”

EEOC Rule Change For Background Checks

Can a youthful mistake—like a run-in with the law that occurred decades ago—keep a person from getting a job? It may not be the case, based on new guidelines for employers determined by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. The EEOC recently updated the official position on criminal background checks. The new policy was approved this week,Continue reading “EEOC Rule Change For Background Checks”

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