Get Focused Now! Five Guaranteed Tips for Avoiding Distraction at Work

It is safe to say most of us are not superstar athletes, and do not have the laser-like focus to avoid all distraction at work. Five guaranteed tips the average worker can use stay productive, by avoiding distraction at work. Few of us are capable of the concentration skills to cut through the clutter of aContinue reading “Get Focused Now! Five Guaranteed Tips for Avoiding Distraction at Work”

How Happy Employees Affect Your Business

Every employee wants to work in a happy office. More importantly, happy employees are better for the bottom line! By Arlene Chandler for HRNewsDaily: Everyone loves a happy office; a work environment where everyone gets along, gets work done quickly and efficiently, and still has time to email funny cat pictures to each other isContinue reading “How Happy Employees Affect Your Business”

6 Things Employees WISH They Could Tell You in 2013

Some people hate to be criticized, and nobody wants to hear unpleasant news. In the business world, however, there are times when both need to be done. The problem? Bad news and criticism rarely flows up; it almost always rolls downhill, from management to the rank-and-file. Employees don’t communicate problems, criticize or are the bearerContinue reading “6 Things Employees WISH They Could Tell You in 2013”

ADP: Companies Do Little To Control Absenteeism

ADP Survey Reveals U.S. Employers Not Taking Concrete Steps to Control Workplace Absenteeism Absenteeism clearly affects productivity and profitability, but few companies are taking concrete steps to control absence at work. According to a new ADP Research Institute study, most companies track employee absences, many do not take steps to manage and reduce absenteeism. ADPContinue reading “ADP: Companies Do Little To Control Absenteeism”

Can increased productivity be an obstacle to employment growth?

EDMONTON, AB–from Troy Media Even raising the question sounds odd, because productivity a good thing, right? The recent story south of the border – where the post-contraction task of getting the unemployment rate down has proven an uphill battle – gives us a valuable perspective on the timely question.

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