How Happy Employees Affect Your Business

Every employee wants to work in a happy office. More importantly, happy employees are better for the bottom line! By Arlene Chandler for HRNewsDaily: Everyone loves a happy office; a work environment where everyone gets along, gets work done quickly and efficiently, and still has time to email funny cat pictures to each other isContinue reading “How Happy Employees Affect Your Business”

Don’t Let Onboarding Sink New Hires

The new employee orientation process is commonly known as “onboarding.” Your business should make every effort during onboarding to make new hires feel welcomed prepared for a productive future with the company. There are four concepts to understand what makes onboarding a success—for both the new worker and the company: Acquaintance First off, beginning theContinue reading “Don’t Let Onboarding Sink New Hires”

8 Money Questions to Ask When Considering a Job Offer

You made it through the screening process and interview, and now the job offer is on the table. Congratulations! Between the offer and your first day on the job leaves one step—discussing compensation and benefits. Unfortunately, job seekers shy away from this—something so crucial to their future. New hires (both men and women) are soContinue reading “8 Money Questions to Ask When Considering a Job Offer”

$750 a Year Wasted In Benefit Errors [Infographic]

THE COST OF EMPLOYEE HEALTH BENEFITS & EMPLOYEE HEALTH BENEFITS SELECTION Employee benefits and annual enrollment may not be the glamorous part of human resources, but they are essential to retaining employees.  Paycom has put together a great infographic representation below (or you can view here). Some of the statistics are surprising. The highlights: For thoseContinue reading “$750 a Year Wasted In Benefit Errors [Infographic]”

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