Six Ways To Ban Procrastination


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Some people reach a point where even though they possess the tools to do a job well, they just don’t have the energy, will or desire to get the job done.

If that is something that happens regularly, then Procrastination may have taken over your life.

There may be times when anyone will fall behind schedule, or are so strapped for time that you have difficulty completing a significant project. However, if left unchecked, procrastination can be a time-waster, and something that will allow others the impression you do not have the desire, or tools, for success. A consistent pattern of procrastination can be a real career-killer.

Like any bad habit, procrastination can be turned into action. With a little work, your character can change from lackluster, to one with a winning, can-do attitude.

Use these six tips to keep procrastination from holding you back:

1.       Envision Success.

Have an idea of what you need to do—put a sense of the completed project in your mind. Keep your eyes on the prize. One of the biggest enemies of following through is losing track of what you are doing. It is when a task is not top-of-mind; you just forget how vital it is to finish what you started.

2.       Decide To Act.

The fact is—procrastination is an option; to stop it, you must make a conscious decision to act. By focusing all your energies on the project, you are forcing your mind to go to a place where you just cannot wait any longer. By determining to get started, you are breaking through a wall, one that is holding you back from performing at your peak.

3.       Break It Down.

Ask yourself; what would you rather take on—one massive undertaking, or a series of smaller, manageable tasks? Every job can be made easier, by splitting it into more convenient parts. As the saying goes, every fantastic journey begins with a single step.

Defeat procrastination by first dividing your goal into small steps; soon you will learn something amazing—you actually accomplish much more than you intended.

4.       Timing Is Everything.

This is equivalent to breaking a complex task down into parts—but in this case it is with time. Set small chunks of time to devote on what needs to be done—spending as little as 15 minutes, so you can get started. Even a few minutes will do the trick. Work on the project for that 15 minutes, and give yourself credit for getting that much accomplished. Once the ball gets rolling, everything else will follow.

5.       One Day at a Time.

Nike ads allow you this response to overcoming procrastination—just do it! By refusing to make excuses, the desire to procrastinate will begin to disappear.

When you do that, don’t stop there—having no excuses is only the beginning!

Remember that procrastination is not something that will just go away now, or even tomorrow. Barring procrastination from your life is a process. Start by having the attitude that every day can be a win, especially if you use your time effectively working toward reaching your goals—either personally or at work. Do something—anything—every day! This will improve your creativity, a source of inspiration to move forward. Success is a daily habit.

6.       One Last Thing—To Have FUN!

Find joy in everything you do—from daily chores, to your job, career and life. The more fun you can find in a task, no matter how small or “inconsequential” you think it is, the less likely you will procrastinate.

Taking a few steps to complete projects in a well-timed manner, and ban procrastination from your life, can have a transformative result in your life; soon you will be experiencing   something extraordinary—a sense of accomplishment, proving to others that you have what it takes to be a winner!

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