Involving HRM in Innovation

Innovation in Human Resources ManagementHow can organizations add innovation to an already complex and demanding job such as  human resources?

Not as a simple add-on, as business expert Paul Hobcraft writes on the blog Innovation Excellence. The “broad areas that HRM has to cover and master” leaves little room for simply tacking on innovation. Continue reading “Involving HRM in Innovation”

Culture Starts with Onboarding

Onboarding is Essential For A Corporate CultureThink back to your first day on a new job. Remember the feelings of enthusiasm and anticipation?

Starting a new job is always an exhilarating experience; it is often the time when energy, excitement and expectations are at their peak. Those crucial first days are also an excellent time to give the new employee the right start, putting them on the path to flourish within the organization.

Hospitality, more than almost any other industry, is geared to providing extraordinary experiences to the end-user. These businesses survive (or not) through customer service, and often it rests on a great first impression.

If first impressions are so vital to the customer, wouldn’t it be the same for new employees? Continue reading “Culture Starts with Onboarding”

Efficiency vs Effectiveness

Efficiency Vs. Effectiveness

Great read from Nichole Och:

There is a lot of chatter on Twitter around data points.  What is the most effective way to recruit.  What is the percentage of folks living paycheck to paycheck.  How many people will vote for Obama or Romney.  Those are a few headlines I saw today.  Everything is about the numbers.

Continue reading “Efficiency vs Effectiveness”