Top Ten: National Coffee Day Celebrates Daily Grind

On Saturday, September 29, people around the U.S. will celebrate their “Daily Grind” for National Coffee Day. A new poll shows the top ten industries that cannot function without a morning cup of Joe.

Which industries have workers that depend 

A new study by Dunkin’ Donuts and found employees in the food and service industries need coffee more than others.

For them, coffee plays a significant role perking up at work. Of those who drink coffee 43 percent claim they are less productive without their morning cup. Continue reading “Top Ten: National Coffee Day Celebrates Daily Grind”

Three Keys for Hiring in Hospitality Industry

The hospitality industry, including commercial kitchens and restaurants, have traditionally plagued with high turnover rates. Recruitment, hiring and training in hospitality can turn into a constant challenge.

The moment there is a job opening is NOT the time to develop your hiring strategy. To have a highly-charged hiring plan means being prepared to hire BEFORE you need to–have a method and update it regularly; when the moment is right, you will be ready to GO! Continue reading “Three Keys for Hiring in Hospitality Industry”

Using an ESP for Hiring

Consider using an ESP to help with the daunting task of hiring new employees

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From Denise Roane for

Tampa Bay business owners have found that hiring the right employee in a market filled with thousands of applicants can be quite a daunting task not to mention a considerable expense.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics the average cost of a business to hire one worker was $30.69 an hour. If your company runs an ad for a week then sets someone to the task of collecting, sorting, calling, and interviewing the amount your business will spend can run you approximately $1500.00 or more. If your turn over rate is high the cost of finding and hiring an employee will eventually outweigh the position.

So how do you go about finding the best candidates amongst todays mish-mash of applicants in the least expensive way? Here are three viable avenues to consider.

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