Sharpen Your Management Skills!

To stay competitive, sharpen your management skills!

In this economy, a small business requires more than just a positive attitude and hardworking management and staff.

The nominal “Great Recession” has made the game much fiercer.  Mastering essential management and leadership skills could be just the thing small businesses will need to make it through the dark times.

Not every business owner has the luxury of a MBA or other business degree.  Yes, “street smarts” are respected, but it is always beneficial to freshen up on basic management abilities.

Blogger Rob Sabo, writing for, has small-business management skills that every entrepreneur should learn, or at least sharpen. These are skills that are called on frequently in this frenetic marketplace.

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5 Ways to Deal With a New Boss

Ways to deal with a new boss...

Everyone agrees it is difficult to change horses in the middle of a race.

When starting a new job, or moving positions within a company, most often it is with the impression that you will be working with the manager who originally hired you.

However, in the real world, change is almost guaranteed. People frequently leave or transfer, companies are bought and sold. Any of those changes can result in you working with a new supervisor, someone perhaps with a completely different managerial style.

Alison Green, who writes the popular Ask a Manager Blog, writes today in The Fast Track for IntuitQuickBase about the five best tips for dealing with a new boss. Most of her tips are centered on thoughtful communication and a degree of patience; first-rate traits for any employee.

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Recruiting: Best ROI of HR

People Management Means Revenue Success

With current economic conditions, there is an increased focus on budgets of individual departments and the effect of each on profitability. The idea is to analyze the role of every segment of a business, in an attempt to understand its relevance to return on investment (ROI). Continue reading “Recruiting: Best ROI of HR”