5 Things Hiring Managers Really Look For

Job interviews are much like auditions, often it is the excellent performance that gets the gig. However, not everyone is cut out to provide stellar performance in the pressure chamber of an interview. Even for the best candidates, a moment in the spotlight can give them a sense of stage fright. The first lesson inContinue reading “5 Things Hiring Managers Really Look For”

Glad Tidings for Holiday Hiring

Retailers may bring glad tidings for the 2012 holiday season; hiring plans indicate what many believe to be a year of new, more adaptive sales strategies. Three fourths (75 percent) of retailers predict an increase in holiday sales this year, according to a study by global management consultants the Hay Group. Retailers also report optimismContinue reading “Glad Tidings for Holiday Hiring”

Going the Extra Mile to Succeed

To get noticed–in business, sales or the job market–sometimes you have to go the extra mile. In this humorous ad, Harvey the dog has a goal (to go to a nice home), and is inspired to go above and beyond to reach his objective. How many of us can say we put in this amount of effort toContinue reading “Going the Extra Mile to Succeed”

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