Small Business Trends: The Shift Online

90 Percent Networking Online, According to New Manta Survey Small business is rapidly embracing an online presence as a vehicle for marketing and increasing their customer base. Web-based platforms have become an intricate part of all functions of small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs)—including acquiring and training employees, as well as interacting with existing and prospectiveContinue reading “Small Business Trends: The Shift Online”

HR and Human Behavior: How to Maintain Legal Integrity

When dealing with employees, human resources staff are often called to tread carefully, and diffuse volatile situations—for both compliance and to avoid legal liability. An effective HR function is only as strong as their ability to deal successfully with a wide range of human behavior. In addressing employee scenarios—from firings, layoffs and complaints—the key isContinue reading “HR and Human Behavior: How to Maintain Legal Integrity”

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