Top Ten: Mature Workforce More Valued

Adecco Survey: Top 10 Jobs for Mature Workers for National Employ Older Workers Week

Top Ten Jobs For Mature WorkersThe number of job seekers over the age of 50 is rising, and both hiring managers and human resources departments are beginning to recognize the value mature workers can bring to a company.

According to a new study by Adecco Staffing, hiring managers are much more likely–3 times as much–to hire a mature worker (60 percent) than a Millennial, someone born after the mid-1980s (20 percent).

The survey polled hiring managers across a variety of industries about their views of mature workers, as opposed to Millennials. Continue reading “Top Ten: Mature Workforce More Valued”

Five Tips for Using Social Networks to Post Jobs

Today’s HRNewsDaily Guest Voice is from Pete VanSon, CEO of Ovation Technologies 

In the pursuit of the best employees, companies are using innovative methods to find the right people. Social networks are an excellent venue to post job ads.

Nearly 60 percent of U.S. businesses claim they will utilize social media this year, either exclusively or in conjunction with other recruiting methods.

It makes perfect sense; to find the best talent, employers must go where the people are. Generation Y or Millennials—those born after the mid-1980s—are rejecting traditional job search methods, such as blindly sending out resumes, cold-calling employers or pounding the pavement. With online tools, job seekers can undertake a comprehensive job search without leaving home. Continue reading “Five Tips for Using Social Networks to Post Jobs”

Six Ways To Ban Procrastination


Photo credit: Camilla Hoel

Some people reach a point where even though they possess the tools to do a job well, they just don’t have the energy, will or desire to get the job done.

If that is something that happens regularly, then Procrastination may have taken over your life.

There may be times when anyone will fall behind schedule, or are so strapped for time that you have difficulty completing a significant project. However, if left unchecked, procrastination can be a time-waster, and something that will allow others the impression you do not have the desire, or tools, for success. A consistent pattern of procrastination can be a real career-killer.

Like any bad habit, procrastination can be turned into action. With a little work, your character can change from lackluster, to one with a winning, can-do attitude.

Use these six tips to keep procrastination from holding you back: Continue reading “Six Ways To Ban Procrastination”