NLRB: Costco Social Media Policy Unlawful

Costco Wholesale’s policy on social media use by employees violates protected communications, according to a recent ruling by the National Labor Relations Board.

Costco Social Media Policy Found UnlawfulOn September 7, the NLRB issued a Decision and Order invalidating Costco Wholesale Corporation’s electronic posting rule; they also found unlawful portions of the employee handbook, which prohibited employees from making statements which “damage the Company, defame any individual or damage any person’s reputation.” Continue reading “NLRB: Costco Social Media Policy Unlawful”

HR Leadership: 10 Steps to Employee Engagement

How to Create an Employee Engagement Culture

Jeffery company employees
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A 2011 study published in the Journal of Applied Psychology found conclusively that investments in superior human capital generates better performance by the company.

This should answer the question WHY employee engagement is needed, but it does not answer the question of HOW.

Employees have to feel the work they are doing is worthwhile, and that they are making a difference.  Involved employees are more likely to give 110 percent, with energy and enthusiasm beyond the basic requirements of the job.  Continue reading “HR Leadership: 10 Steps to Employee Engagement”